AFDAS Convention Workshop: Montpellier


IT New York AFDAS Convention Workshops are available to all actors, dancers, singers and other performing artists who qualify with Afdas or with Pole Emploi. We also keep a few places open to non-Afdas actors. Acting Workshops are generally three weeks (15 days, M-F), seven hours a day. All levels, from beginner to award-winning highly experienced film and stage actors, are welcome in a non-competitive yet demanding environment.

The Castle Orozco Acting Technique enhances the actor’s individual artistic process by stimulating the creativity of each individual, which is why it works for actors, performers and artists from various disciplines. The actor discovers a physical and emotional availability that leads to working moment-to-moment based on spontaneous organic impulses and their free expression through the character. To do this the actor must be able to live as the character without self-consciousness. The quality of the acting then becomes so organic that it appears magically real, never cliché. The actor achieves what Castle calls “the unexpected truth.”

The technique offers actors the freedom to be emotionally available and artistically creative in both theater and film. It consists of a training technique that includes a large number of specific exercises that meet the fundamental challenges of the actor:

how to build your character?

• how to be authentic in your playing, without forcing the emotions?

• how to get rid of physical and verbal tics?

• how to express an impulse through the filter of the character?

• how to play organically?

• how to understand more deeply the world of the play or film, and what really motivates your character?

Throughout the course the exercises, the work on the body and the exploration of the plays and scenarios build a toolbox that the actor can rely on and use throughout his or her artistic career. A true evolution of Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg’s “The Method,”the Castle Orozco Acting Technique focuses on the process of creating the character through imagination, sense memory, Imagined Experience and the intrinsic intelligence of the body.

Scene & Monologue Work

• Each actor will work on a scene and a monologue, always from great writers

• We provide the scripts and pair the actor with a scene partner before the workshop starts

• The actors have the opportunity of getting on stage several times with their scenes during the course of the workshop

• The workshop is in French & English; scenes and monologues can be performed in either French or English


This workshop is an Afdas Convention. We invite you to check your support options with AFDAS or with Pôle Emploi. A few Non-Afdas participants can also participate.

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Aurelien Ferru

We look forward to working with you…

In addition, the Jouer Juste Workshops often result in the participants building great networks and future projects together!

Sep 27 2021

Montpellier, France

Number of participants 16

Number of hours 90

2100€ Afdas or Pole Emploi/ 1900€ self paying

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