Shakespeare Two Day Intensive Workshop

Dear Actors,

Join me in a special two-day workshop in acting Shakespeare this coming February 9 & 10. The workshop will be conducted in English, with minimal translation, so your English does not have to be perfect, but it should be pretty good. Good enough to be able to hear the ‘poetic effects’ Shakespeare uses in the lines.

We will explore Iambic Pentameter (the verse form Shakespeare used), and how instead of restraining you or making you feel artificial, it can actually free you and help you feel more organic…

Every actor will have a pre-assigned short monologue. It will be a good idea to have it fairly well memorized before the workshop starts. We will also send you some brief notes on using iambic pentameter prior to the workshop.

Most importantly, we will work Shakespeare with our organic technique (sense memory, imagined experience, etc.) so that we can really experience what the character experiences and at the same time free the imagination so that we are exciting, dynamic and full of charisma as we tell the story. We will find that magic blend – The Unexpected Truth!

I would love to work with you on these amazing plays,

Robert Castle
Artistic Director, International Theatre New York

9 Fév 2019

Paris, France

Nombre de participants: 16

Nombre d'heures: 14

225 €

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